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Miracle Boy - A true story

In 1996 three-year-old Oscar Blaxland fell out of a six-storey apartment window onto concrete and lived. While in a medically induced coma, doctors assessed Oscar for damage to his brain, spinal cord, heart and lungs, all while believing he may not survive the night. The press dubbed Oscar 'Miracle Boy' for surviving a fall theat should have killed him on impact. 


The night before Oscar's fall, a young woman received a vision of a young boy falling and her minister and prayer group pray for his survival. When Oscar is admitted to hospital, Oscar's grandparents ask their church group to pray for him as well. To the surprise of all the doctors, Oscar survives the night and goes on to make a full recovery. Over 30 years later Oscar lives a normal life, his only setback, an occasional weakness in his knees.


In this incredible story, Charlotte Blaxland recounts events from a mother's point of view, sharing the heartache, challanges and celebrations, and how the accident and Oscar's sudden rise to fame as the 'Miracle Boy' impacted the family. Charlotte also takes the reader on a slow and steady journey of Oscar and the family's recovery.


Miracle Boy is a story about family, courage and above all, faith, and how the wounds that we can't see take many, many years to heal. Miracle Boy shows us that we can ask for help from God, and that He does answer - even if we don't always hear.

Miracle Boy - A true story

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